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Paulding County Animal Shelter

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    • Adopt unclaimed pets and domesticated animals to new owners.

    • Enforce those County ordinances applicable to domesticated animals within Paulding County that fall within the scope of Animal Control. Such enforcement may be through education, warning, citation, or arrest.

    • Help educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

    • Humanely euthanize animals and pets that are not reclaimed, adopted, or suitable for reclamation or adoption.

    • Maintain a clean and safe environment for our staff and the animals in our care.

    • Release domesticated animals and pets to owners whenever possible and appropriate.

    • Support emergency management and disaster operations within Paulding County where those operations involve assistance in providing for the temporary care and sheltering of animals.

  2. Thank you for your donation to the Paulding County Animal Shelter. Your donation will go toward spay/neutering and necessary medications!

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