How does 9-1-1 work?
Your telephone number has a unique identifier number assigned to it. That number is what is known as an Automatic Number Identification (ANI). The telephone service provider associates this number (ANI) with another number, called an Automatic Location Identification (ALI), that is the location that the company believes is the physical location of the your telephone / account.

For wireline E9-1-1 the ALI that is usually associated with your ANI is your home address (or business address if it’s a business line). When you call 9-1-1 our equipment reads your ANI and queries our service provider’s database (in two different locations in other parts of the country) to get your associated ALI- which in turn provides us with your location.

For other types of telephone service (wireless, PBX, VoIP, etc.) it does not quite work the same way, but should usually work in a similar manner.

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