Paulding County CTP

What is a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)?

A CTP is a county-wide, long-range multimodal transportation plan that assesses a county’s existing and future surface transportation needs for all users.  This includes roadways, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, transit services, and freight considerations. The goals of a CTP are to assist with identifying short- and long-term transportation priorities, to establish a relationship between local and regional opportunities, and to reinforce and support other local and regional planning and funding initiatives.

These plans are typically updated every 5 years.

2022 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update

During 2022, the County and our municipal partners updated both their Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) and Comprehensive Plan. These two plans play a vital role in moving forward the community’s vision for the future and facilitating growth that is well managed, sustainable, and enhances quality of life. Paulding County currently has the thirteenth highest population in Georgia. It was the second fastest growing county by percentage in Metro Atlanta over the last decade. By 2050, it is anticipated that Paulding County's population will exceed 250,000.

The 2022 CTP, Charting the Course, reevaluated  the previous 2008 and 2015 CTP's to consider recent data, planning initiatives, and changing conditions that have an impact on the County's transportation system and how people move around. The CTP Update underwent a major update, while the Comprehensive Plan underwent a limited update. As such, the 2022 CTP Update provides additional projects, strategies, and implementation plans needed to ensure the transportation system adequately meets the needs of county residents and economic development and supports the County's vision for growth and development articulated in the Comprehensive Plan. 

The County could not complete Charting the Course without citizen input.  Over 2022, the team hosted public engagement events to gather citizen input and priorities regarding transportation. Your feedback and participation provided valuable insight that will continue to help guide the future of transportation investments in the County for years to come.  

The 2022 CTP update was completed December of 2022 and adopted by the City of Dallas Council on April 10, 2023; the City of Hiram Council on April 11, 2023; and the Paulding County Board of Commissioners on April 25, 2023. 

2022 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Documents:

Paulding County's most recently completed Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) update was finalized in 2022 and adopted April of 2023. 

For more information on the Comprehensive Plan follow this link to view the document 2022 Comprehensive Plan