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Animal Control Ordinance (PDF)The Paulding County Animal Control Ordinance
Animal Control Ordinance - Amendments (PDF)Amendments to the Paulding County Animal Control Ordinance
Animal Control Ordinance - Amendments, Exhibit A (PDF)Exhibit A that goes with the amendments of the Animal Control Ordinance 07-37
Application for Animal Establishment Permit (PDF)Required to operate an animal establishment. Additional special use permit under Planning and Zoning may be required

Article II. Animal Establishments

Paulding County Animal Control Ordinance
Complaint Form (PDF)Required to file a complaint
Volunteer Application (PDF)Required to volunteer at Animal Control
Volunteer Waiver (PDF)Form submitted when accepted as volunteer
Community Service Rules and Regulations (PDF)Regulations to be followed when approved for community service work at shelter
Reference list of low cost spay/neuter programs (PDF)List several programs available for lower cost of spay/neuter for your animal
Trap Agreement (PDF)Form required to obtain traps from the shelter
Veterinarian Reference List (PDF)List several veterinarian offices available in the county
Lost Pet Report (PDF)Report submitted in order to notify Animal Control of your lost pet
Found Pet Report (PDF)Report submitted when you have found a lost pet
Open Records Request (PDF)Used when requesting to view or obtain copies of records
Spay-Neuter Release Form (PDF)Form used in cases when an adopted animal passes away or is lost or stolen
PCAC Volunteer Handbook
Policies/Procedures for volunteers