Employee Complaints

Internal Affairs

It is the policy of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office to provide citizens with a fair and effective avenue for redress their legitimate complaints against Sheriff’s Office employees; to protect employees from false charges of misconduct or wrongdoing; and to provide accused employees with due process safeguards.

To maintain the integrity of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office and its employees, this department will not hesitate to impose disciplinary actions on employees who have violated laws and departmental rules and regulations; dismiss employees who prove to be unfit for their assigned duties and to dismiss unjustified allegations against innocent employees.

While encouraging the filing of legitimate complaints against employees as means by which they can be held accountable to the public, this department simultaneously seeks to hold members of the public responsible for the filing of false and malicious allegations against Sheriff’s Office employees. In these latter cases, the complainant will be informed that legal actions may be taken against them.

Citizen complaints (PDF) may be lodged in person, by phone, or by mail.