Links & Forms




Ordinance Complaint Form Complaint form to generate a call for service by the Marshal Bureau
Unsafe Structure-Pool Complaint Form Complaint form for unsafe structures or a pool
How to File a Complaint Instructs how the complaint procedure with the Marshal Bureau works
Alcohol License Application Packet Application packet to apply for license to sell malt beverage/wine and liquor by the drink
Revised Alcohol License Fees Revised license fees with an effective date of November 1, 2019
Noise Complaint Packet Packet that can be used to file a noise complaint for an ongoing noise complaint
Vehicle-for-Hire (Taxi Cab) Application Packet Packet used to apply for permitting process to operate taxi business
Who to Contact for Specific Code Problems Listing of problems and corresponding codes and contact information.
Monthly Gross Sales Report Submitted by restaurants to report monthly sales of alcohol and  food
Motorized Cart Application Application to register motorized cart with Paulding County.
Motorized Cart Renewal Application Application to renew your motorized cart registration.
Motorized Cart Ordinance  Ordinance related to motorized carts and requirements.