Utility Permitting and Street Lights


The Engineering Division oversees Utility Permitting and Street Light Districts within Paulding County.  Authorization must be obtained from the Paulding County Department of Transportation prior to construction of utilities within county right of way along with verifying authorization from the Georgia Department of Transportation for construction of utilities within state right of ways.

Unless approved otherwise, a proposed utility installation shall conform to the GDOT's Utility Accommodation Policy and Standards, most current edition.

Official Paulding County Code Adopting 2016 GDOT Utility Accommodation Policy and Standards

GDOT's 2016 Utility Accommodation Policy and Standards

Activities managed by Paulding County DOT include:

  • Utility issues within County ROW
  • Utility permitting within County ROW (public and private)
  • Streetlights/ Streetlight Districts located within County ROW, along public streets, and within unincorporated Paulding County

All utilities installing their facilities within County Dedicated or New ROW shall install their facilities pursuant to the Paulding County Development Standards (Chapter 62, Article II- Utility Installation in or along public ways).

Effective June 1, 2021 all Utility Encroachment Permits within County ROW will be digitally submitted via an external portal at this link: https://pauldingcounty.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/pauldingcounty

Call Before You Dig

Before you dig make sure you contact the Georgia 811. It is a requirement by law that everyone must contact Georgia 811 by dialing 811 or 800-282-7411 at a minimum of 48 hours before beginning any mechanized digging on your property. This is for the protection of our utility infrastructure and the safety of everyone.

Broadband Ready Community

Paulding County became a Broadband Ready Community through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  Implementing the Broadband Model Ordinance and including  a Broadband Element in the Comprehensive Plan, streamlines the process and shows a commitment to promote the deployment of broadband services and reduce obstacles to broadband infrastructure investment.  

The single point of contact for all matters related to a broadband network project should be directed to the Paulding County DOT Director.  Currently, Mr. George Jones can be reached at (770) 445-4759 or george.jones@paulding.gov