Maintenance Projects

2022 Turf Mowing Contract

On February 22, 2022, Paulding County Board of Commissioners entered into a contract with Kelly Landscape Management, Inc. for the 2022 season of turf maintenance services. The County has installed sod on multiple roadway projects and desire to keep the sod healthy, weed free and viable to maximize the aesthetic benefits of the investment. The contract includes finish mowing, string trimming, edging, litter pickup, fertilization, herbicide application along with herbicide application on concrete medians. Contracted area consists of 64.7 acres on various County roads. Turf Mowing Locations

2022 Countywide Mowing & Shoulder Maintenance Project

This contract provides mowing, trimming and litter pick up on 520 miles of County Roads and 21 miles of four lane State Routes.  Mowing and trimming on two lane county roads will be performed up to four (4) times per year.  Mowing, trimming and litter pick up of four lane State highways will be performed up to four (4) times per year.  In addition, this contract will have the option to fund up to seven (7) cycles of litter pickup (four in-season and three off-season), on 520 miles of two lane County roads.  On March 9, 2021, the contract was awarded to NGL & Erosion Control in the amount of $854,622.00.  The contract does have the option for a renewal period for up to two (2) additional years, at the discretion of the County.  To date, the County has been satisfied with the work and pricing offered by NGL & Erosion Control.  On January 11, 2022, the BOC authorized the Chairman to renew the contract for the 2022 mowing season. Countywide Mowing Locations