Paulding County Public Defender's Office

For Information Regarding Representation on cases in the Superior Court of Paulding County or on cases where a Juvenile is facing delinquency charges in Paulding County Juvenile Court, please see the information below. 


The Paulding County Public Defender’s Office provides legal representation to persons charged with felony criminal offenses in Paulding County Superior Court as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Georgia.  Our office also provides legal counsel to juveniles facing delinquency proceedings in Paulding County Juvenile Court.

Under the leadership of Circuit Public Defender, Michael Syrop, we provide attorneys trained and qualified to protect the rights of all our clients with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense, you should contact the State Court Public Defender at (678) 981-4380 or


To Apply

In order to receive our services a person must qualify as "indigent" under the federal poverty guidelines.  All potential clients are required to fill out an application for services.  Please be advised that the application process requires verification of household income. Where appropriate, be prepared to provide pay stubs, Social Security Statements, food stamp approval, etc. for all adult members of your household. If you are not working, you may be asked to provide a letter of separation from your previous employer.

The application can be filled out and submitted online at the following link:

An application can also be filled out at our office located at:

1387 Industrial Blvd North, Suite 103, Dallas, Georgia 30132

In office applications hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday 

We are closed on all Paulding County government holidays  


Our office phone number is (770) 443-3463

Our email is  


Our administrative staff is highly trained to provide assistance with questions regarding the status of your application or pending case.

Note: We do not have a public office within the Paulding County Judicial Building

Application Fees

Georgia law requires every person who applies for legal defense services under Chapter 12 of Title 17 to pay the Public Defender’s Office (the entity providing the services) a fee of $50 for the application for and receipt of such services. [O.C.G.A.§15-21A-6 (c)].

The application fee is $50 per file opened and must be paid by Money Order, made payable to "PCBOC" with your name printed clearly on it. Feel free to bring in a blank $50 money order and our staff can assist you in filling it out.

State of Georgia Disclaimer

The Georgia Public Defender Council is an independent agency within the executive branch of the state government of Georgia. 

The Constitution of the State of Georgia, the Constitution of the United States and the mandates of the Georgia Indigent Defense Act of 2003 provide legal services in a cost efficient manner; and to conduct that representation in such a way that the criminal justice system operates effectively to achieve justice. [Reference: O.C.G.A. § 17-12-1 (c), Georgia Indigent Defense Act of 2003]