Chairman's Corner

Monday august 3, 2020

Chairman Carmichael - PNV - 08-2020


Your SPLOST Dollars at Work


SPLOST is defined as Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.  This is a .01 sales tax voted on in Paulding for special projects related to several different county departments.  A portion of this sales tax is used to fund all Parks and Recreation related capital improvement projects.


The Chairman and full Board of Commissioners are very proud of our Parks, the Recreational Opportunities they offer, the great libraries and a competent, resourceful staff that keeps the System going. 

The following report is from Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Director Michael Justus: 

The Paulding County Board of Commissioners recently approved the construction of two synthetic turf fields at the Braly Sports Complex.  The project will cost $1,139,839 and is already underway.  The construction will be paid for with SPLOST dollars allocated to Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs capital improvement projects.   The contract was awarded to Advanced Sports Group and Shaw Sports Turf and work on the project began in late May.

The Braly Sports Complex was built many years ago on an old county landfill.  As such, there have been issues over the years with drainage and settling.  By approving this project, these two major areas are being addressed by installing a new drainage system with the fields.  The settling issues are being corrected with the use of soil cement, hardening the ground below to prevent future issues of the same kind.

These two fields will have markings for both soccer and lacrosse and can be used by multiple age groups.  This is the second synthetic turf project for Paulding County, following the construction of a field at Burnt Hickory Park designated for the Department’s Adaptive Recreation programs. 

Weather permitting; this project is on schedule to be completed by the end of July 2020.

In addition to the construction of the synthetic turf fields at the Braly Sports Complex, there are a couple more SPLOST improvement projects on the immediate schedule for the Department.

The multi-purpose field at Burnt Hickory Park will be getting new lights that are also funded through SPLOST.  This project was approved by the Board of Commissioners and awarded to Musco Lighting.  Materials are being delivered to the site beginning on June 17, 2020.  Construction is scheduled for completion within the next several weeks.

The tennis courts at Burnt Hickory Park are scheduled to be resurfaced over the summer.  This project will include sealing all cracks and a new surface for all four courts.  In addition, net posts will be repainted and new nets will be installed.

High Shoals Falls Park will be receiving new boundary fencing in the very near future.  This area has become very popular with visitors.  So much so, in fact, that boundary fencing is required to make sure visitors stay on County property and not venture onto private property.  The boundary lines have been identified and fence work should begin with the next month.   The Department asks visitors to be respectful of property lines while enjoying a visit down to the falls.


Michael Justus, Director – BS in Municipal and Community Recreation, West Georgia College.  Paulding County employee for 23 years.

Shay Beavers, Administrative Assistant - Paulding County employee for 15 years

Alex Wilson, Assistant Director – BS in Sports Management, University of West Georgia.  Paulding County employee for 7 years.