Media/Public Information

The Public Information Office serves as a liaison between the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, the community, and the news media, to provide timely, accurate and useful information about significant events. The Public Information Office also advises the Sheriff and the command staff on public opinion and news media response regarding Departmental issues.

Media Relations

The focus of the media relations team is to provide timely dissemination of information to the public. Additionally, the team works with media, community and business leaders, elected officials and other members of the public to promote excellence in law enforcement services; mobilize public involvement; and increase awareness of public safety initiatives that build upon the department’s crime reduction strategies. They also formulate and disseminate Press Releases

Special Events

The Public Information Office coordinates the presentation of semi-annual award ceremonies and memorial services. They also serve as a liaison with the public, providing timely, accurate and useful information about significant events in Paulding County.

Open Records

The Records Division coordinates the department’s responses to requests made for information and documents in custody of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office in compliance with state and federal laws.

Press Releases