Documents & Forms

If you have any questions, please contact the Development Division at 770-443-7571.

Development Fee Schedule (PDF)This document list the fees associated with the Development Division.
Final Plat Submittal Process (PDF)This document explains the new final plat process that will take effect August 1, 2015.
Development Division
Plan Review / Plat Submittal Application (PDF)
This application is for Development Division Plan Review / Plat submittals.
Development Plan Review Packet (PDF)
The Development Plan Review Packet has been compiled to answer all your development related questions and includes forms needed for most development sites going through the Plan Review process.
Stormwater Facility Maintenance Agreement (PDF)
A "DRAFT" SFMA must be submitted to our division for review and approval prior to issuance of a BUILDING PERMIT. It is recommended the project owner and engineer of record meet with staff during the plan review process to facilitate development of the SFMA agreement.

Exhibit C Form (PDF)Exhibit C for Stormwater Facility Maintenance Agreement. Only use the appropriate checklist for your facility.
Development Regulations (PDF)Paulding County Development Regulations.
Alternative BMPs Guidance Document (PDF)Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) Alternative BMPs Guidance Document
Plan Review Checklist -Development Projects (PDF)
GSWCC Current Plan Review Checklist for Development Projects
Paulding County Flood Map (PDF)
To access current flood maps for Paulding County, we have provided a link to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (PDF), Environmental Protection Division - Georgia Flood Mapping Program.
Timber Harvesting Application (PDF)
Timber Harvesting Application (required when a site of 1 acre or larger is to be timbered)
Complaint Form - General Complaint (PDF)Use this form for general erosion and sediment control complaints.
Maintenance Bond Form (PDF)Maintenance Bond Form
Maintenance Escrow Agreement (PDF)Maintenance Escrow Agreement
Performance Bond Form (PDF)Performance Bond Form
Performance Escrow Agreement (PDF)Performance Escrow Agreement
EPD Enforcement Protocol (PDF)Georgia DNR-EPD Enforcement Protocol for NOIs and NOTs
GSWCC Tertiary Permittee Guidance (PDF)Guidance memorandum from GSWCC regarding Tertiary Permittee Requirements (November 2010)
Building Permit Applicants Primary Permittee Memo
City of Hiram (PDF)
Guidance memorandum for Building Permit Applicants regarding NPDES permitting as a Primary Permittee
Building Permit Applicants Tertiary Permittee Memo
City of Hiram (PDF)
Guidance memorandum for Building Permit Applicants regarding NPDES permitting as a Tertiary Permittee
Open Records Request (PDF)This form is to be completed for all open records request.