Departmental Ideals

Departmental Values

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office places great value in:

  • A well-trained, professional staff that continues to grow in their service to the County and Criminal Justice System
  • Ideas of the staff intended to improve the operation of the Sheriff’s Office
  • A secure and safe community for those who work or visit here, such that public safety is preserved and all persons feel safe from physical harm
  • A healthy, clean, and agreeable work environment
  • A facility and operations which meets all professional standard requirements of constitutional and State laws
  • Pride in work and the workplace

Departmental Training

The work of law enforcement officers has become increasingly complex. Law enforcement officers now require a high level of training and preparation to be effective on the job. Continued, upgraded training each year is required to maintain competency and to develop new skills. Effective performance on the job requires:

  • Keen, educated observation skills
  • Well-developed interpersonal communication skills
  • Responsive behavior in dealing with the public
  • Ability to negotiate effectively in normal and stringent circumstances
  • Ability to act decisively in emergency situations, consistent with policy