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Paulding Transit Rules and Regulations

Passenger Policy

The policies listed below have been developed for the passengers of Paulding Transit. We appreciate

your cooperation in helping us provide more efficient transportation by following these policies. Please

take a moment and familiarize yourself with them. If you have questions, comments or suggestions to

make our service more accessible, please contact our office.

All passengers must have a completed current registration form on file. We do not call passengers when

we receive applications, it is your responsibility to call and make sure we received your application.

Trips are scheduled starting at 7:30am the business day before. However, Doctor Appointments may be

scheduled up to a month in advance. Please be aware we are limited to 4 drivers and schedules may be

filled and there may not be any openings.

There is no charge for using Paulding Transit. Passengers are required to inform the office if children or

personal care escorts are riding with passengers. Children under age four are required to be in a

passenger provided child restraint seat. Personal Care Escorts and children also must have a current

registration form on file. Passengers under age 18 must be escorted by an adult.

Paulding Transit should never be used for emergency medical trips.

Passengers are requested to be ready 1 ½ hours prior to scheduled appointment.

Due to the crowded schedules drivers are only permitted to wait 5 minutes after the scheduled pick up

time for a client to board the vehicle before leaving the pick up location.

Passengers must provide their own wheelchairs or mobility devices. Each mobility device must be

secured in the vehicle with a four point tie down and lap belt system. Seat belts are required for

ambulatory passengers.

If passengers need to cancel a ride they must do so by calling the dispatcher at the Paulding Transit

office before the van arrives, or else the passenger will be charged with a “NO SHOW” and a warning if

there are three such occurrences, their ridership will be temporarily suspended for 30 days. At the end

of 30 days you may reapply for ridership.

If a passenger requires a personal care attendant (escort), the passenger is responsible for providing such

escort. However, the Paulding Transit office must be notified that an escort will be traveling with the

passenger. The escort must be picked up at the passenger’s location and dropped off at the same

destination as the passenger.

Passengers may not alter a scheduled destination after pick up unless previously cleared with the


Stops between pick up and drop off locations are not permitted unless previously scheduled with the

dispatcher. Passengers who are on the “call back” schedule are expected to be at the arranged pick up


No pets are allowed unless it is a service animal.

No smoking is allowed on the vehicles at any time. No tobacco use in any form is allowed on the

vehicles at any time.

No eating or drinking is allowed on the vehicle.

No abusive physical or verbal behavior toward the drivers or other passengers will be tolerated. Such

occurrences may result in an offending client being permanently suspended from riding.

For the health and welfare of fellow passengers, good personal hygiene is required at all times.

Violations of this policy may result in suspension of rider ship privileges.

Paulding Transit is a public mass transit service, not a taxi service. Due to the heavy volume of clients

wishing to ride, it may be necessary to combine your trip along with several other passengers. We will

make every effort to accommodate your trip in the most timely and efficient manner possible without

subjecting you to an extended travel time or waiting period.

We ask your patience to be aware that our vehicles are subject to the same traffic conditions and road

hazards which cause traffic delays and detours for private vehicles and may delay our schedule beyond

our control.

The following are designated as holidays in which Paulding Transit will be closed.

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day & day after

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Other days may be declared holidays by the Board of Commissioners, at its discretion. When a holiday

falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as the holiday. When a holiday falls on a

Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as the holiday unless otherwise designated by the

elected official.

Closing due to bad weather.

Our policy is, that if the school buses don’t operate, neither do our vans.

How to contact us:

Phone: 770-443-8873 Fax: 770-443-3227


The Board of Commissioners • 240 Constitution Blvd. • Dallas, GA 30132 • Contact Us