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Emergency Notification Off
CodeRED is an emergency communications network that provides high-speed notification of emergencies to residents of Paulding County. This system not only notifies residents of imminent weather warnings, it will also aid in relaying messages to citizens related to other emergencies.

It is not automatic that you will receive notifications. To
receive notices, you will need to click on the site listed below and enter your address / contact information. You will have different categories to select from that you wish to receive notification on. Remember the notices are sent based on geographic areas, and you will be notified only if your area is affected. All weather related notices are activated by the National Weather Center. Any notices not related to weather will be sent by Emergency Management or E-9-1-1.

Weather Radio
A weather radio is also one of the most reliable means of getting timely warnings for severe weather and other events is by listening to a National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Alert Radio. In addition to signing up for CodeRed, Emergency Management also recommends that you get a weather radio. You can purchase a radio at any store which sells electronics. If you have difficulty locating a store that carries the radio, we will be glad to assist you in locating one. Please call us at (770) 222-1160.

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