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Why can’t I file a complaint anonymously?
We do not accept anonymous complaints for several reasons: 
  • Not accepting anonymous complaints reduces the instances where people try to anonymously harass (sometimes repeatedly) an ex-friend, neighbor, or relative. 

  • Having a named complainant helps add validity to the complaint and allows the officers to contact someone if further information is needed on follow-up. It also identifies a third-party witness available for court to testify directly to the judge about the violation(s) they witnessed and the impact. 

  • Not accepting anonymous complaints allows us to contact the complainant to let them know the progress of the case. Otherwise, weeks may go by and the complainant may believe that nothing is being done, even though the officers have already taken some action. 

  • Not accepting anonymous complaints allows us to contact complainants in instances where no violation(s) are found so that we can explain an ordinance to the complainant and explain why what they thought was a violation was actually not a violation.


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