Why can’t I have my alarm call you?
It is against the law for an automated alarm system to dial 9-1-1. In such instances we disconnect from the call, report the instance for investigation and request the telephone service provider to disconnect service or access to the E9-1-1 Network. Similarly, we cannot accept such calls on our non-emergency lines. The devices can malfunction and tie up our lines through repeated calling. We also have no way of verifying the validity of an alarm, relay potentially important safety information to responding emergency personnel, or get in contact with anyone if a responding emergency personnel require a key holder to make entry. You can subscribe to an alarm monitoring service to monitor your alarm for you and they will call to report the alarm. You can also have your alarm call you, a friend or relative at another number and you or they, in turn, can call us on a non-emergency line to report the alarm.

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