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Sheriff - Administration

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1. How do I request to expunge an arrest record?
2. How do I obtain a Family Violence Temporary Protective Order (TPO) or Stalking Order?
3. How do I have a VIN number verified or checked so that I can register my trailer/vehicle with a tag?
4. How do I pay a ticket?
5. Can I receive an escort from an officer to pick up my personal belongings if I feel threatened?
6. How do I receive a raffle license?
7. How can I obtain a criminal background check for myself or an employee?

Sheriff - Investigations

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1. How do I pick up evidence or other items from the Sheriff's Office?

Sheriff - Patrol

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1. Can I have my child's car seat inspected by the Paulding County Sheriff's Office
2. How many passengers can ride with my new teen driver?
3. What is this new "Super Speeder" law all about?

Sheriff - Records

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1. How to I get a copy of a report (i.e. arrest, incident, accident)?

Sheriff - Warrants / Civil Papers

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1. Can I find out if a warrant has been issued for me or someone I know?

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