Paulding County CTP

2015 Comprehensive Transportation Plan

In 2013 Paulding County Department of Transportation began the process of preparing an update to the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) for the County. The 2013 Plan Update builds upon the findings and recommendations of the 2008 CTP but independently assesses all recommended projects and includes a stronger emphasis on the relationship between land use and transportation.

The Comprehensive Transportation Planning (CTP) Program assisted Paulding County and the Cities of Braswell, Dallas and Hiram by clearly defining County-wide goals, needs and priorities. This update has also helped identify additional policies, projects, schedules, responsibilities, cost and funding sources needed to assure that Paulding County’s transportation system adequately serves the travel needs of citizens in the short, intermediate and long range time frames.

The plan examined all modes of transportation and their interconnections to identify how the travel demand anticipated over the next 20-year plan period can be best accommodated. It is the belief of the County and Cities that the Public be involved as much as possible to shape these decisions; “The key measure of success will be public involvement. We need to know if the recommendations for moving our county forward make sense to our Citizens.”

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