Occupation Tax Certificate (Business License)

About the Office

The Business License Office reviews, processes, and administers Occupation Tax Certificates for unincorporated Paulding County. The Occupation Tax Certificate is valid for the calendar year and tax is due and payable by December 31st of every year.

Business Registration

Any person engaged in any business, trade, profession, or occupation and located in unincorporated Paulding County is required to register their business with the county and obtain an Occupation Tax Certificate.

What is an Occupation Tax?

An Occupation Tax means a tax levied on persons, partnerships, corporations, or other entities for engaging in an occupation, profession, or business and enacted by a local government as a revenue-raising ordinance or resolution (GA Code Sec 48-13-5).

The use of the term "Business License" has become commonplace in referring to the Occupation Tax Certificate.

How Do I Start My Own Business in Paulding County?

  1. Choose what type of business you will be conducting (whether it be selling goods, performing a service, manufacturing a product).
  2. Decide where you are going to have your business location - Home Based (Residential) or Commercial (Non-Residential). Please view map to determine if location falls within unincorporated Paulding County.
  3. Think of a business name. Please review GA Code Sec 10-1-490.
  4. Register the business name as a Trade Name (Paulding County Clerk of Superior Court 770-443-7527)  -OR-  as an INC or LLC (Georgia Secretary of State https://ecorp.sos.ga.gov/)
  5. Apply for a Paulding County Business License.

How Do I Apply for a Paulding County Occupation Tax Certificate (Business License)?

  1. Online Portal
  2. Complete Home Based or Non-Residential Business License application.
  3. Collect all necessary documents required by the Business License Office for your type of business.

How Can I Pay My Occupation Tax for Next Year/Renew My Business License?

  • Online Portal
  • In office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • By mail to: (form available under Documents & Forms)
    Paulding County Business License Division
    240 Constitution Boulevard
    2nd Floor
    Dallas, GA 30132