Excess Funds

Excess Funds

View Excess Funds List (PDF); Note: Excess funds will be maintained for five (5) years from the date of sale pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 48-4-5(c) before being turned over to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Unclaimed Property Division.

Excess Funds Procedure

Note: Paulding County accepts excess funds claims from claimants or their attorneys at law. Paulding County does not accept claims from third parties, nor does it accept a power of attorney.

Documents necessary to claim excess funds in Paulding County:
  • Excess Funds Claim Form (PDF) completed and signed by the claimant(s)
  • Excess Funds Release of Liability (PDF) completed and signed by the claimant(s)
  • Copy of photo identification of claimant(s)
  • Signed documentation by the claimant(s) allowing their representation by an attorney at law (if applicable)

Please submit the required documentation to the County Attorney's office for review:

Tax Sale Excess Funds
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