Fire & Rescue

Chief Joey D. Pelfrey

Founded in 1980, the department provides fire protection, suppression, rescue, and emergency services and employs nearly 200 paid professional personnel. In 2021 the department responded to 18,681 total 911 calls for fire and emergency service (more detail can be found HERE).

Our personnel believe in the pursuit of excellence and demonstrating the very highest professional standards. Providing world-class Fire and EMS service to our community is our top goal.

Mission Statement

The Fire Department's mission is to:

  • Provide response for the suppression of fires
  • Provide emergency medical response for assistance in life-threatening medical emergencies
  • Provide emergency services to reduce injuries or death in disasters (natural or man-made)
  • Provide inspections, investigations, and code enforcement related to fire service
  • Promote fire prevention

Training & Development

Paulding County Fire & Rescue supports continuous training and encourages professional development.

  • We will respect the diversity of our community by providing compassionate and quality service to all.
  • We understand that the trust placed in us by the public is integral to the performance of our duties.
  • We are committed to honest and ethical behavior, and will hold ourselves accountable to these values.
  • Every employee believes it is a privilege to serve our citizens.