Technical Services Unit

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Technical Services Unit, which is a part of the Criminal Investigations Division, is a multi-discipline unit that provides specialized services, assistance, and knowledge to the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office personnel conducting criminal investigations. The Technical Services Unit also assists and provides the same services to other requesting law enforcement agencies. The Unit is comprised of highly trained personnel that provide the following services:

  • Crime scene processing and documentation. The unit possesses two fully equipped crime scene vans as well as an in-house lab with the tools and ability to process most evidence recovered in the field.
  • Criminal specific polygraph examinations are conducted on an as needed basis for requesting detectives concerning a criminal investigation.
  • Computer forensic examinations and services are also conducted with regard to many criminal investigations.

The Technical Services Unit personnel are constantly assessing new ideas and disciplines with relation to the future needs of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office. We seek to provide more specialization as the needs of the Sheriff’s Office dictate, the availability of specialized training, and the availability of budgeting funds become available.