The Organization

The program content for D.A.R.E. is organized into thirteen 45 to 60 minute lessons to be taught by a law enforcement officer with suggested extended activities to be integrated into other instruction by the classroom teacher. A specially trained officer is assigned to the school to conduct weekly lessons in fifth grade classes. Student participation in the DARE program may be incorporated as an integral part of the school's curriculum offering in health, science, social studies, language arts, or other subject(s) as appropriate. The classroom teacher should maintain a supportive role in classroom management while the officer is teaching and should incorporate D.A.R.E. program participation by students as an integral part of the student's final evaluation.


In addition to presenting the elementary curriculum, D.A.R.E. officers visit the kindergarten through fourth grade classes at the schools. These visits focus on child safety and prevention issues. Students are alerted to the potential dangers in the misuse of drugs, medicine, and other substances. There is recognition of the need to help students at this level develop awareness that alcohol and tobacco are also drugs.