Equipment & Capabilities


All Paulding County Communication Officers are CPR and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified which enables us to give life-saving instructions until responders arrive.

Paulding County E-911 subscribes to the Language Line which can translate over 140 languages. This assist us when we encounter a non-English speaking caller.

All Paulding County Communications Officers are certified in the use of TDD/TTY (PDF) (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf and Teletypewriter). Federal law requires access to the 9-1-1 system for hearing impaired individuals.

Enhanced 911

Paulding County E-911 is a Phase Two center with the capability to receive wireless telephone calls along with the basic subscriber information and the location of the caller. In 2008, the center upgraded its Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and mapping systems which has allowed the center to move to wireless Phase Two. Wireless Phase Two allows the E-911 center to not only receive basic information, but also a wireless caller's location to a distance ranging from several feet to several hundred feet dependent upon the wireless providers equipment and other variables. The E-911 Center began receiving wireless Phase II data on June 4, 2009.