Microchip Program

General Information

All animals adopted by Animal Shelter have a microchip inserted in the skin on the shoulder blades. This chip is a permanent means of identification that cannot be lost like a tag. If an animal with a chip comes into a shelter or is taken into a veterinarian's office, a scanner can be passed over the animal and the scanner will pick up a number. The number is registered through the microchip company to the pet owner. This way an owner can be located and that pet can be reunited with the owner.

Any citizen of Paulding County can come into the shelter and receive a microchip for their pet for a charge of only $20. This will go a long way in reducing our euthanasia rates by being able to get these animals back home where they belong.

Personal Stories

We have had two miracle stories that sold us on the importance of the microchip:

  • There was a dog brought into the shelter as a stray. The animal was not wearing a collar and its chances of being adopted seemed slim. Fortunately, the dog had a microchip and when the owner was contacted, it turned out they lived on the east of Six Flags and the dog had been missing for three weeks. Had it not been for that chip we would have never known who owned that dog.
  • A cat was brought in as a stray and the microchip was traced. It turned out that the owner had been searching for their pet for two years.

Additional Information

For more information, please call 770-445-1511.