Vital Records

Who Can Obtain Certified Copies of Birth / Death Certificates

For information, please view:

We can only obtain records from Georgia. If you were born in a different state you would need to contact that state. If your loved one passed away in a different state you will need to contact that state.

Records Fees

You may obtain certified copies of birth and death certificates for:

  • $25 for the first copy
  • $5 for each additional copy obtained at the same time for the same person

Payment Options

Birth and Death records are cash or money order ONLY

Permits for disposition of human remains

All permits can be faxed to 678-224-4781 or Emailed to   24/7.

Online/mail in requests

To request a record online please click here.

To request a record by mail, fill out the appropriate request form and mail to, 280 Constitution Blvd., Room 2009, Dallas, GA 30132, along with a money order for the correct amount and a copy of your Drivers License or a copy of your state issued Identification Card.

- Birth Certificate

- Death Certificate