Documents & Forms


Electronic Filing Requirements (PDF)
The Juvenile Court of Paulding County accepts electronic filing of all documents. This document outlines electronic filing requirements.
Emancipation Checklist (PDF)
This document is a checklist for items required in order to file for emancipation. Once you have obtained all of the required documents, file the documents with the Court and a hearing will be set within 30 days. To expedite the process, please have all required documentation before filing with the Court.
Emancipation Packet (PDF)
These documents must be completed by any juvenile wishing to file for emancipation in Paulding County Juvenile Court. Use the Emancipation Checklist to insure you have everything that is required before filing with the Court.
Entry of Appearance (PDF)
An Entry of Appearance must be filed by Counsel representing parties in Juvenile Court cases. The email address provided on the Entry of Appearance will be the official email address used by the Court for all electronic filing.
Financial Affidavit for Counsel Mediation Fee Waiver (PDF)
This affidavit is to apply for a court-appointed attorney for deprivation cases or to request a fee waiver for mediation. Do not use this affidavit to request an attorney for delinquent cases. You must contact the public defender.
Private Dependency Packet (PDF)
This packet is provided should you believe that there is no parent or guardian willing or able to provide proper care and control over the child(ren) to be included in this filing, you believe the child is in need of the protection of this court or is without his or her parent, guardian, or legal custodian; you wish to become the "temporary legal and physical custodian" of a child that you believe is currently being abused or neglected.
Request for Records (PDF)
This form must be completed by anyone wishing to access Juvenile Court records or requesting copies of Juvenile Court records.