Juvenile Court


Welcome to the Paulding County Juvenile Court. This website will enable you to become aware of various resources and services available to you through this office.

The Paulding County Juvenile Court is organized under Chapter 11 of Title 15 of the State of Georgia.  


Jurisdiction & Function

The Court is dedicated to serving the children and families of Paulding County. The Court has jurisdiction over most children under the age of 17 who are charged with violating any law or are deemed runaways, ungovernable, or beyond parental control.

The Court also hears all cases involving allegations of abuse or neglect of children under the age of 18 who are residents of, or present in, Paulding County.

Judge Carolyn Altman 

Judge Altman  (2) 

 Associate Judge Keegan Gary

Judge Gary (2)

Alicia Jacobs, Clerk of Court 



Clerk of Court

Staff Directory

Position  Name Phone number 
Treatment Service Coordinator   Erica Jordan

Legal Assistant for
Judge Altman
Judge Gary
Ashley Gray 678-224-4252
Law Clerk Kimberly Mullins  770-443--7532 Ext. 6
Senior Deputy Clerk
Delinquency Cases 
Sherese Lackey 678-224-4255
Deputy Clerk
Dependency Cases 
Angela Chandler  678-224-4248
Deputy Clerk
Dependency Cases/Court
Lindsey Brady 678-224-4251
Deputy Clerk
Kristy Hicks  770-443-7532

Contact Us

Juvenile Court Contacts Email
Dependency dependency@paulding.gov
Delinquency delinquency@paulding.gov
Treatment Services  Erica.Jordan@paulding.gov
CHINS (Children In Need of Services) chins@paulding.gov
Conflicts and Leave of Absence conflictsandloa@paulding.gov
To Contact:
Judge Altman
Judge Gary 
To contact the Clerk's office  juvenileClerks@paulding.gov
Law Clerk kimberly.mullins@paulding.gov

Court Hearings 

  • All dependency cases (a child who has experienced abuse or neglect) continued to be virtual hearings..  If you would like to have an in person, you may request your hearing to be an in-person hearing. 
  • All delinquency, traffic, or CHINS cases (a child with pending charges) are now in-person hearings. 

Please make sure Juvenile Court has your correct phone number, mailing address, and email address so that you will receive notification of your court date. You may contact the Clerks office at 770-443-7532 or email us at JuvenileClerks@paulding.gov

Attorney, if your client provides their email address to the clerk's office. We will include you and your clients on the certificate of service for the order-setting hearing.


As to Delinquency or CHINS cases (child that has pending charges). We encourage parties to either apply for a Public Defender or hire your own Attorney. If you have questions about how to apply, you contact the Public Defenders Office at 770-443-3463 .  If you want to go ahead and fill out an application. You may click on the link that is provided. juvy2 (paulding.gov)

As to Dependency cases (a child who has experienced abuse or neglect), you may apply to the courts for a court-appointed attorney. The financial Affidavit is on our website, you may Email clerks office or mail it to 280 Constitution Blvd, Room 2106, Dallas, Georgia 30132.

Upon submission of a financial affidavit, you are required to submit the five most recent check stubs, W-2 form or bank statement showing your income.


  • Under these unprecedented times, dropping your payment in the mail is a good way to go. We accept money orders only. Money orders need to be made out to Paulding County Juvenile Court. For traffic fines, please get in touch with the clerk's office for the discounted rate. If you have taken the Defensive Driver's Course, please send the certificate with the payment.
  • Mailing Address: Paulding County Juvenile Court-  280 Constitution Blvd. Room: 2106 Dallas, Georgia 30132
-For each dependency packet submission we require a criminal background check for each adult over the age of 18 living in the home. One has been included in the packet above, you may also print additional forms to turn in with the packet. 
-Criminal background checks are a fee of $10.00 per submission. Our office accepts money orders only. 

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