Paulding Map

Paulding Map:: This is the standard GIS web map of Paulding County. There are many tools to help you find points of interest or to help you customize its appearance. You can use the binoculars icon on the left side of the screen to quickly search for parcel numbers or addresses. The Map Layers button at the top of the map will display the interactive legend and can be used to overlay features such as aerial photography, topography, and other features onto the base map.


Paulding Zoning:  This map is to help you find general information on the zoning of properties.  For questions, comments, or concerns about this map, please email the Planning & Zoning Division:

Paulding Parcels

Paulding Parcels: This map is set to help you find specific parcels quickly. You can use the binoculars icon on the left side of the screen to quickly search for parcel numbers or addresses. If your parcel number begins with “R0” do not type the “R0” in the search box. Only type the numbers that come after.

Paulding Elections

Paulding Elections: This map is designed to show the boundaries for the different political districts throughout the county. You can see the US House, GA Senate and House, Voting Precinct, Commission Post, School Board District boundaries and the polling locations. You can turn specific boundaries on and off using the layers tool.

Paulding Emergency Services

Paulding Emergency Services: This map shows the fire zones throughout the county as well as the individual fire stations, the hospital, and the Sheriff's Office facilities.


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division is responsible for managing spatial data for the various departments of the county and deploying that information to the end users within the organization and the community.



The GIS Division provides maps to the public in digital or printed form. 

Standard maps can be obtained Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 4:30PM. 

Customized map requests are taken Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM. 

For questions concerning price, please view the Hard Copy Prices Sheet here.

Please note that due to the increasing cost of supplies, requests will not be taken without contact information and requests for advanced printing will no longer be accepted without payment. We understand your time is important, so in order to ensure you receive the fastest service available, we encourage you to place orders prior to arrival or call ahead to schedule an appointment for service.

Printing times vary depending on current activity and the size of your request, so please be sure to allow adequate time when visiting our office for map related services.

You can also view GIS Digital Data Prices.


Paulding GeoExplorer: Online GIS Mapping

The GIS Division also assists the Addressing Department in maintaining the addressing and street mapping for the County.

Do you need to request an address for new residential construction?  If your property is not in a subdivision, you will need to obtain a Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit from DOT.  To request your driveway site inspection, please click on the following link and follow the instructions under "Driveway Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit Application".                            

Please mark the driveway site with a large wooden stake or post with red or brightly colored survey tape.  If you do not have a stake, please come to the Addressing Office on the third floor of the Paulding County Administration Building at 240 Constitution Blvd where Addressing will provide you with the stakes(s) for your requested site.

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