Court Administration

The Court Administrator for Paulding County is responsible for managing the efficient and effective operations of the Courts.

In general terms, the Court Administrator's duties include organizing and administering non-judicial activities of the Court including budgeting, grant writing and administration, program supervision, training, and facilities management.  The Court Administrator also assists in the development and implementation of innovative programs and procedures to improve court operations and serve as a liaison with local and state government agencies, other courts, the bar, as well as the news media and community.

Listed below are a few of the programs administered by the Office of Court Administration.

Interpreter Program

It is the role of the Court Administrator to schedule interpreters for the courts.

Pursuant to the inherent powers of the Court and the Georgia Constitution of 1983, and in order to secure the rights of non-English speaking persons, the Supreme Court has promulgated rules that establish a statewide plan for the use of interpreters by the Courts of Georgia.

The State Court Interpreters Program maintains a list of approved court interpreters that are Certified with the Georgia Commission on Interpreters.

Permanent Process Server Program

A process server must have an order from the court each time he or she is to serve papers. 

In 2007, the Paulding County Superior Court judges  elected to start a program enabling process servers to receive a standing order valid for one year instead of requiring a new order each time.   State Court of Paulding County has adopted the same policies and procedures currently being used by Superior Court of Paulding County. 

To become a permanent process server in Paulding County a person must fill out an application and have it endorsed by an attorney.  After a criminal background check is done, he or she may be awarded permanent status and be allowed to serve any papers dealing with a Superior Court case for one year.  

  1. Rhonda D Franklin

    Court Administrator

  2. State Court Judge

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