Benefits & Pay


The Paulding County Sheriff's Office offers a competitive pay and retirement program compared to that of other full-time law enforcement agencies of similar size.  Various divisions/units, promotions, or specialty assignments offer additional pay incentives.  Overtime is paid starting at the completion of 86 hours within a 2 week pay period at a time and a half pay rate. The starting pay is as follows:

  • Detention Officer:  $47,010.60 or $21.53 hourly
  • Deputy Sheriff:      $51,895.12 or $23.76 hourly

Some pay incentives are:IMG_7853

  • 5% P.O.S.T. Supervisory Certification
    • Must be in a supervisory capacity
  • 5% Senior Deputy/Jailer 
    • P.O.S.T Senior Deputy Certification
    • P.O.S.T. Field Training Officer Certification
    • P.O.S.T. Crisis Intervention Team Training 
  • Additional $1.00 per hour for night shift
  • 5% for Active FTO or JTO, Crime Suppression Unit, Crisis Negotiation Team
  • 10% for SWAT / K-9
  • $120 weekly on-call Pay for assignments requiring on-call status

Vacation leave is accrued as follows: 

  • 1st year - 40 hours
  • 2 to 4 years - 80 hours
  • 5 to 9 years - 96 hours
  • 10+ years - 120 hours

8 hours of sick leave is provided every month, or 96 hours annually.  32 hours of personal leave is provided January 1 of every year following the completion of the new employee 6 month probationary period. 

Health Benefits

The Paulding County Board of Commissioners (BOC) provides three options of health benefits for both the employee and their family. Benefits are the same for sworn and non-sworn positions. Health benefits are through Aetna. Some of the basic coverages the are available to employees are listed below. For a full breakdown of options, take a look at the Benefits at a Glance

  • Health coverage options: 2 options of HRA or a POS
  • Basic Life
    • Optional Supplemental Coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision (optional)
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Flex Spending Account (optional)
  • Dependent Flex Spending Account (optional)
  • Aflac Supplemental Coverage (optional): Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Accidental


There are 4 possible retirements as a sworn employee and 3 as a civilian employee with the Paulding County Sheriff's Office. 

The Paulding County Board of Commissioners (BOC) offers a generous Defined Benefit Pension Plan for employees through the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG).  

For sworn personnel, the Defined Benefit Pension Plan breaks down as follows:

  • Retirement age 59 
  • Total points accumulation of 80 (Years of Service + Age)
  • 4% contribution with 8% cap (current as of 2022)
  • 1.75% return calculating years of service, and best 5 years salary

For civilian personnel, the Defined Benefit Pension Plan breaks down as follows:

  • Retirement age 65
  • No contribution by employee

Fitness CenterFitness Center

All employees with the Sheriff's Office have 24 hour access to a brand new fitness center located within the Sheriff's Office facility.  The fitness center is equipped with the latest equipment such as stair steppers, treadmills, free-weights, and weight machines.  Additionally, the center is equipped with Bluetooth speakers for your choice of music while exercising in the fitness center.  Many Deputies workout before or after their shift, and some even come in on their off days to take advantage of the facility.

Take Home Car

Deputies who successfully complete the Field Training Evaluation PCarsrogram (FTEP) will be assigned a vehicle for their official use and to take home. Pre-service candidates, depending on assignment, may be provide their vehicle on day one. Vehicle may be a Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Tahoe, or a Ford Fusion.  All equipment including emergency lighting, computer, radar, in-car camera system, and more are provided. Additionally, all fuel and maintenance are provided by the county as well as a free car wash program with no limitations.

*Must live within 30 miles.

Duty Gear

All duty gear, equipment, and uniforms are provided at no cost to Deputies or Detention Officers.  In order to carry the below listed equipment and weapons, proper training is required.  Some of the equipment provided includes:

  • All Uniforms and boots
    • Class A: Long sleeve with Tie, brown pants
    • Class B: Short sleeve, brown pants, jacket for Winter
    • Class C: green BDU, tan polo, Sheriff t-shirt, green jacketBonnett
  • Duty Belt with gear:
    • ASP Baton
    • Duty Holster
    • Glock 21 (.45 caliber) Pistol
    • Handcuffs and Pouch
    • O.C. Spray
    • Taser ECW
    • Portable Radio
    • Flashlight
  • Bulletproof vest (concealable and outer wear)
  • Laptop computer
  • M4 Rifle (if qualified)
  • Shotgun