Traffic Operations Division


Traffic Operations Division is responsible for handling:

  • General safety issues
  • Maintenance of County-owned traffic signals, flashing beacons, and school flashing beacons
  • Neighborhood speed humps / traffic calming
  • Repair / replacement of County road signs
  • Signal / multi-way stop warrants
  • Traffic volume counts / turning movement counts
  • Traffic / speed / stop studies

Online Work Order Request

Submit an online work order request. A work order will be written up with your name, phone number, and nature of request. If a County maintained signal is not working or a stop sign down, a crew will be dispatched out immediately. Otherwise, the work order is assigned to the appropriate crew to be completed as permitted along with their other duties.

For neighborhood speed humps, a packet explaining our TRAFFIC CALMING POLICY will be mailed for your review.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact a representative at Paulding County Department of Transportation at 770-445-4759.

Note: The following roads are maintained by the State of Georgia and must be reported to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) at 404-635-8000 or 511 from a cellular phone. SR 61, SR 6 / US-278, SR 92, SR 360, SR 120, SR 120 Connector (Scoggins / Hiram Sudie), and SR 101