Transit frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions:
  • What area does transit service? Only within Paulding County and limited community areas. Call for more information.
  •  How much does Paulding Transit cost? No charge for residents of Paulding County.
  • What must I do in order to ride Transit? An application must be filled out for each passenger and sent to the transit office via email or mail. A application can also be filled out in the office.
  • Will transit contact me after an application has been mailed or emailed? Paulding transit will NOT contact passengers once an application is received. Passenger should call within a couple of days of sending an application.
  • What is the latest medical appointments can be scheduled? We ask that all medical appointments be scheduled no later than 2:30 pm and no earlier than 9:00 am.
  • Are the transit buses handicap accessible? Yes all of our transit buses have a wheelchair lift that can also be used for passengers on walkers or unable to go up stairs.