Absentee Voting by Mail

Absentee Voting Procedures

Georgia Election Code 21-2-385 outlines procedures for voting by absentee ballot.

Absentee Ballot Application

To request an application, call the Absentee Ballot Clerks at 678-224-4047 or 678-224-4227 or download one here to mail in.

Applications must be made to the Absentee Ballot Clerk of the Elections and Voter Registration Office to obtain or vote absentee. The absentee application can be returned one of two ways:

Mail: Sherri Hamilton, Absentee Ballot Clerk
240 Constitution Boulevard
Dallas, Georgia 30132

Fax: 678-224-4447

A completed absentee application must be received by our office before an absentee ballot can be mailed. The last day to accept absentee ballot applications is the Friday before the election. Any received after that Friday will be rejected.

Guidelines for Voting Absentee by Mail

Any registered voter who is eligible to vote in an election can request an absentee ballot 180 days before the election with the exception of Military and Overseas voters. Military and Overseas voters may request an absentee ballot at any time. Due to changes in Georgia Code 21-2-380, voters who apply for a "mail-in only" absentee ballot do not have to provide a reason for the request.

Additional Information

For more information, please call 770-443-7503 or if you are a Military or Overseas voter, please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program's website.

Georgia law prohibits voting on the day before an election. This means there will be no absentee ballots issued nor will there be any voting on touchscreen machines.

Also, please note that once the Elections and Voter Registration Office has received a voted absentee ballot, it can not be removed from our office.